The Pastor’s Pen

I feel compelled to address a very serious threat to our RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES in the state of Florida. Florida Senator Joe Gruters has introduced SB’438. This bill, fi passed, would force all Christian business to violate their Christian conscience to comply with the ¨special exception¨law. Jack Phillips in Colorado faced this very type law. Jack refused to bake a cake for sodomite couple. He was sued by the state of Colorado on the basis of the law (just a SB-438). The case ultimately went to the US Supreme Court; the Court said that you cannot violate the religious liberty of a Christians and force him to go against his/her conscience.

Yet, Senator Joe Gruter, who is also the state chairman of the Republican Party seems to think that Florida needs this kind of REVERSE DISCRIMINATION law. This would also place all women, girls and families at risk. This would OPEN all lockers, bathrooms, and dressing rooms to the sexually dysphoric, transsexual, homosexual, and pedophiles in our state. The senator falsely claims that this kind of law is needed to attract workers and companies to come to Florida. This is an absolute LIE. Florida Is thriving. Mega companies and multitudes of workers are flocking to Florida without having the SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS laws that destroy religious freedoms and the constitutional rights of the moral, ethical Christian families in our great state.

Please go online (NOW) to the Florida Policy Council . Read the information, get the phone numbers and email address of Senator Joe Gruters. Call his office and respectfully demand that he DROP the bill or RESIGN as chairman of the Florida Republican party. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I DEMANDS THAT WE, AS BELIEVERS, ACT NOW. Don’t delay, we MUST be Salt and LIGHT in a darkening world. PRAY AND GET INVOLVED TO preserve our liberties.

May the Lord bless and use you as you serve HIM.

Dr. Gene A. Youngblood – Pastor.